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Clinical Research

Since 1994, DASA has been offering customized support in clinical research to corporate customers of the pharmaceutical industry, CROs (Clinical Trials Organization) and professionals linked to studies and projects from Private and University Centers.

Clinical research aims at investigating issues relating to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in humans, benefiting the population with the discovery of new drugs and medical procedures. In order to meet this demand, DASA provides customized service for each project, coordinating the implementation of the complementary examinations indispensable for the safety and effectiveness assessment of new drugs.


DASA's mission is to use the continuous technological advances and its infrastructure as support for humane, participatory and proactive services for those involved in the studies. To this end, the company takes into account:

  • Ethics and confidentiality;
  • Humanization and respect;
  • Customization and a well-balanced cost-benefit ratio.

Our Focus

The focus of DASA is to perform a service customized for every project relating to clinical research, involving sponsors, researchers and the "Research Subjects”. This measure makes a difference because the conduction of a clinical study requires special attention, foremost within a Diagnostic Medicine company.

We follow the following assumptions:

  • Exclusive and humanized service for "Research Subject";
  • Ethics and confidentiality, points considered vital to the process;
  • Permanent strive for data consistency;
  • Logistics capable of meeting the needs of clinical studies;
  • Information technology to ensure real-time data acquisition;
  • Protection and safe physical archiving of raw data, reports and legal documentation, for the periods time set forth in the different studies;
  • Observation of fully standardized operating procedures.

Our Services and Differentials

The local teams are trained by our internal team specializing in Clinical Research. Such teams provide the service for the "Research Subject”, which may be conducted at any one of our units, by means of the DASA brands available in the States of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, the Federal District, Ceará, Bahia, Tocantins and Santa Catarina.

  • The deployment of the projects is carried out at the research centers by means of sample collection/handling and shipment on-the-job training, or within the center itself. The entire work is carried out by DASA professionals who are specialized and qualified for the receipt of biological samples.
  • The samples are given preferential treatment and are re-checked, indexed and analyzed concerning their feasibility and forwarded for priority processing at our Núcleo Técnico Operacional – NTO (Technical Operating Center);
  • DASA makes available for its customers a technical-medical team  specialized and structured for scientific assistance, in order to clarify any doubts relating to clinical examinations or images and also to the preparation of the protocols.
  • We have exclusive physicians, trained for image analysis in clinical studies, present in the Report Issuance Center for Procedures / Diagnostic Imaging, such as CT scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds and X-rays, ensuring the standardization of the analyses and consistency in the diagnostics;
  • Our integrated logistics system between service units, partner laboratories and Núcleo Técnico Operacional – NTO (Technical Operating Centers) ensure swiftness in the service customization according to the design of the protocols, allowing for time savings when carrying out the examinations and making the results available;
  • We have digital images by means of electronic media or internet, allowing for their sending to national and international centers;
  • We hold conference calls to discuss clinical protocols with the presence of scanned images and with the help of a specialized technical team;
  • We have a personalized service for researchers and customers customized by clinical study and performed by team knowledgeable of the Good Clinical Practice principles. The entire laboratory process is integrated and monitored.


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