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Mission, Vision and Values


To exceed, every day and with much initiative and creativity, the expectation of our customers, providing quality Diagnostic Medicine services by means of updated operating methodologies.


To be the best company in the world in Diagnostic Medicine and one of the largest in the industry.


  • Ethics and Integrity govern our actions

    We are honest and fair. Conduct deviation is not tolerated since it destroys the company and any relationship.

  • We are driven by a dream

    We are the size of our dream, which is why we dream big. We will be the best company in the world in diagnostic medicine and one of the largest in the industry. We believe in this goal and work towards it.

  • We think and act as if we were the owners

    We have the attitude of an owner, we take on challenges, we make decisions and assume the responsibility for the results. This attitude will bring us excellent and sustainable results.

  • We are proud of our company and our brands

    We are one company, with one culture, and are guardians of our brands.

  • The results drive our growth

    Together and committed towards our goals, we’ll go even further. And the further we go, the more health we give to a greater number of people. DASA is developing with positive results. With every goal achieved and exceeded, we are more convinced of our growth and of how we face challenges.

  • Work with excellence

    Throughout our chain, from the initial service until the delivery of the result, excellence is what we constantly strive for and, thus, support our business.

  • We take care of our customers

    We take pleasure in good care. Our relationship inspires confidence. We act with respect and attention, while striving for quick and efficient solutions.

  • We want the best people and we lead by example

    Our people make all the difference. Our leaders must be engaging and lead their teams with transparency, a positive attitude and meritocracy. To lead is to understand and direct people and processes.


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