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New Units

Alta Excelência Diagnóstica (High Diagnostic Excellence)

In 2012, DASA inaugurated the first two units of Alta Excelência Diagnóstica (High Diagnostic Excellence), a brand which acclaims the company’s entry in the Premium segment and is set to become a new option in Diagnostic Medicine to the AAA public.

Alta Excelência Diagnóstica combines three pillars: a medical team with an international reputation, last generation equipment and excellence in services. Besides imaging diagnosis, the brand offers over three thousand types of clinical analysis exams with the precision from last generation equipment, as well as personalized medicine, genetics, molecular biology, among others.

The new brand offers a medical advisory core with exclusive direct access of the requesting doctor to the specialties clinical team, guaranteeing fast and differentiated contact to the specialists. In the units, besides the environment comfort, which extends from landscaping to the decoration, patients can wait for assistance without interrupting their routine, accessing the wi-fi network, using iPads, magazines, and another conveniences.


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