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Seta SetaAmazon variant predominates in more than 95% of Covid-19 cases in Brazil
Data May, 2021

Amazon variant predominates in more than 95% of Covid-19 cases in Brazil

The Gamma lineage (or P.1) shows local evolution in Brazil and is the most detected in cases of Covid-19 in the country

The most recent updates about the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in Brazil’s five regions can be monitored in real time on this map. The data is the result of scientific research by Genov, Dasa’s genome surveillance project, open to the public and aimed at monitoring Covid-19 in Brazil.


Genov's first study, which began on June 1 and ended on July 17 and was conducted with samples collected in the first half of May 2021, brings relevant information about the pandemic in Brazil. The job involved completely sequencing 502 samples collected from Dasa patients who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in the five regions of the country. The in-depth analysis of genomes in conjunction with epidemiological information and clinical and laboratory data generates new knowledge, which proves to be crucial in fighting Covid-19. Below are the main indicators of the research.


1In Brazil, more than 95% of the Covid-19 cases analysed in the research period were linked to the Gamma variant, also known as P.1, the Amazon variant. According to Dr. José Eduardo Levi, lead scientist at Genov, the biggest risk in Brazil lies in what can be called the local evolution of Gamma or P.1. One of the acquired mutations is P681H/R, also present in the Delta variant (P681R).

2Originating in Brazil, the Gamma variant was identified between October and November 2020 and quickly spread around the world. The study highlights the fact that the lineage is present in 100% of the samples collected in the north and northeast regions.

3Descendants of the P.1 line, the newly classified P.1.1 and P.1.2, must be examined with caution. They were found in all the regions sampled in the study.

4A point of concern noted in the Genov Report is the P681H mutation found in Gamma samples collected throughout the country. Recently described in the state of Amazonas, and due to this particularity, the lineage has been named Gamma-plus.

5A sample of the P.4 strain was identified in the town of Registro, in the southern part of the state of São Paulo. It had initially been identified in the northwest of São Paulo. This suggests a geographical expansion of P.4.


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