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Social Commitment in the Face of Covid-19

In 2021, we continued with our social commitment in the face of the pandemic. Since 2020, we have invested R$ 78 million in initiatives focused on donating tests, supporting hospitals, assigning professionals and infrastructure, and sequencing variants. The main highlights for the period include:

  • Blue and orange icon of a microscope The launch of Genov, a scientific genomic surveillance project designed to track COVID-19 variants.
  • Blue and orange magnifying glass icon The donation of human resources and infrastructure for processing 2 million RT-PCR tests for COVID-19 detection to Brazil's national health system (Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS);
  • Blue and orange icon of a hospital The donation of R$2 million to build Hospital de Samambaia in the Federal District and R$1.5 million to equip Hospital da Lagoa in Rio de Janeiro, both in partnership with Rede D’Or.
A man and woman, wearing caps, masks, gloves and aprons, looking at a monitor in a room with other medical equipment

Healthcare of the Future

User Experience

Driving transformation in the healthcare sector, with an integrated and preventive view of care, mainly involves ensuring an intuitive experience for physicians, patients, and users. It is in this context that we launched Nav, our digital platform.

Nav is the healthcare navigation platform that connects patients and physicians through an intuitive and empowering experience.

Nav in 2021

Blue and orange icon of a person with a stethoscope 183,000

consultations (90% emergency consultations and 10% specialty consultations)

Blue and orange dollar sign R$32 million

in revenue from telemedicine and immediate navigation

Blue and orange icon of a prescription 49,000+

test requests

Blue and orange dollar sign icon R$29 million+

in revenue from Nav patient and physician loyalty

Blue and orange icon of two syringes 324

vaccine bookings

Innovation, Research & Development

At Dasa, we connect knowledge and technology to challenge the status quo. We believe innovation is one of the main levers of both our integrated healthcare network and the transformation we want to spearhead in the healthcare industry. In 2021, we allocated R$1 billion+ to innovation. The highlights for 2021 include the open innovation concept, whose vision of all Dasa’s businesses became even more strategic and transversal.

Illustration in different colors of a person sitting cross-legged, using his cell phone and, in the background, a DNA drawing

Open innovation in 2021

Icon of two white dolls

Initiatives focused on expanding our healthtech community through partnerships with innovation hubs.

  • 35 startups in the Itaú Cubo community
  • 27 areas engaged
  • 83 accumulated NPS
Icon of two white dialog boxes

Creation of new policies and internal processes to enable business with startups and give more autonomy and speed to proofs of concept.

  • 15 proofs of concept
  • 8 startups contracted
  • R$592,000 invested in proofs of concept
White paper icon

Construction of a new flow for mapping pain points and prospecting startups for connection.

  • 625 startups mapped
  • 42% startups assessed
  • 40 connections

Medical Innovation

We also invest in medical innovation, scientific research, and clinical studies, as well as enter into strategic partnerships to boost integrated lifelong care. On the clinical analysis and medical innovation front, we have the capacity to process 300 million tests per year.

In 2021, our clinical staff and healthcare professionals published 256 articles in scientific journals and presented 136 scientific papers in congresses.

People & Culture

At Dasa, we manage our people by caring for caregivers, valuing a diverse and inclusive environment, developing our team, and strengthening our culture.

Icon of three dolls in a triangle shape in blue and orange
A company made of people
  • 40,130 employees in
  • 15 Brazilian states,
  • 57.8% of whom are Black or Brown.
  • 38% of executive positions are held by Black or Brown people
  • 7.3% are 50+ years old
  • 34 years old is the average age
  • 2.2% of our staff is made up of people with disabilities
  • 78% of our staff are women
  • 60% of leadership positions are held by women
  • 9% LGBTQIA+ people
Icon of a blue square with an orange check symbol in the middle
Best companies to work for

For the second consecutive year, Dasa was included in the list of the best companies to work for in Brazil and received the GPTW seal. In 2021, we were also included in IGPTW B3, an index that reflects a theoretical portfolio of stocks that includes certified companies and the best companies to work for, according to the national GPTW ranking.

Icon of a heart with half in blue and the other part in orange
Diversity & Inclusion

DiversiDasa, our diversity and inclusion program, works on five priority fronts: inclusion of people with disabilities, racial equality, gender equity, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, and generational diversity.
In 2021, we also reinforced our purpose and manifest, endorsed by the creation of a Diversity & Inclusion Policy, listing four priority goals for addressing affirmative actions through our diversity fronts.

Health and Safety

To care for our employees as they work, we have an occupational health and safety management system that is in line with best practices and legal requirements, comprising policies, programs, and procedures, focusing on risk and accident prevention and health promotion, led by the Occupational Health and Medicine (SESMT) department.
Beyond our health and safety management system and as a way to care for caregivers, our Dasa Cuida (Dasa Cares) program implements initiatives focused on the balance, well-being, and support of our employees and their families.

Fotografia de 5 pessoas, uma ao lado da outra com um idoso ao cPhotograph of 5 people, one next to the other with an elderly person in the center, wearing aprons and smiling
Dasa Cuida in numbers in 2021
Stethoscope dark blue icon
16,710 Nav consultations
Blank icon representing a blood donation
1,104 blood donations that may have helped save 4,000+ lives
Blank mobile phone icon
2,015 participants registered in the meditation app
White icon of a person with a stethoscope
1,138 services provided via the Dasa Cuida Channel
Dark blue icon of a brain
14 meetings focused on mental health and well-being
Icon of three dolls in a triangle shape in dark blue
9,462 employees with risk stratified by monitoring
Blank briefcase icon
4,167 employees served by telepsychology, totaling 31,008 services focused on emotional health
Dark blue clock icon
430,000+ minutes of use of the meditation app
blank icon of a man
3,793 registrations in the 30+ Blue November challenge
Dark blue icon of two dolls
671 participants in the Mais Leve (Lighter) program¹
Dark blue icon of a pregnant woman
255 employees registered in the Gestar (Gestate) program
Blank icon of a woman
1,748 registrations in the 45-day Pink October challenge 2,583 headscarves donated
¹A program that supports changes in food habits, physical activity, body awareness, and the pursuit of emotional health

Value Chain


Our integrated healthcare network has 250,000+ physicians and prescribers. Focusing on improving the experience of healthcare professionals, who represent one of the main links of our chain, in 2021, we launched our Nav Pro platform, which enables professionals to access all patient test results and receive notifications and alerts on possible conditions and critical tests, among other features.

Blue and orange three-dot icon with two interconnects, symbolizing sharing

reduction in adverse events among hospitalized patients with the News Protocol

Blue and orange icon of a person with a stethoscope

physicians on the platform (3.6x more professionals on the platform compared to 2020)

Blue and orange blinking face icon

customer satisfaction score²

Blue and orange icon of a prescription

patients had consultations

Icon in blue and orange of an ID card

cancer patients safely navigated

Blue icon of a hand representing a like

day reduction in the time patients have to wait to have access to cancer treatment

A DNA icon in blue and orange

increase in the number of cases discussed with the tumor board – in which our oncologists can store and discuss cancer cases in a structured way, with quality and safety

²Scale from 0 to 5 in the user perception survey on Android and IOS platforms.


Our supply chain is extensive and diverse based on our peculiarities. In 2021, there were 6,000+ suppliers, 95% of whom were hired locally in Brazil.

For 2022, we plan to design a criticality matrix based on ESG criteria, which should guide the management of these stakeholders.


Our purpose to be the health people want and the world needs goes much beyond caring for patients and users; it extends to society as a whole. We allocated R$18 million+ to social initiatives in 2021. In the coming years, reflecting an in-depth diagnosis of the Company’s fronts, we will focus on our cause: a careful look at Women’s Health.

Photograph of two women sitting on a sofa, drinking juice and laughing and, in the background, several trees
Orange dollar sign icon
R$18 million+ allocated to social initiatives
Orange dollar sign icon
R$500,000 to donate 10,000 basic food baskets to NGO Gerando Falcões with the support of Dasa employees
Orange dollar sign icon
R$1.5 million to equip Hospital da Lagoa (RJ)
Orange dollar sign icon
R$300,000 to the #SeCuida (#TakeCare) project, in partnership with NGOs such as Cores do Mará and Gerando Falcões, to provide health assistance and care coordination to vulnerable populations
Orange dollar sign icon
R$2 million to build Hospital de Samambaia (DF)
Orange dollar sign icon
R$6.3 million to the Emergency Diagnostic Center (EDC) of the Ministry of Health/Fiocruz, in the form of assignment of professionals and infrastructure for processing RT-PCR tests
Orange dollar sign icon
R$2.5 million to the Genov project, in partnership with the German Development Bank, focused on SARS-CoV-2 sample sequencing
Orange dollar sign icon
R$250,000 to Rede Mondó
Orange dollar sign icon
R$5.3 million to the Brazil’s DNA (DNA do Brasil) initiative, in partnership with the University of São Paulo, focusing on the genetic mapping of the Brazilian population