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Re-IPO and Listing in Novo Mercado

In 2021, we also had our Re-IPO and our migration from Basic to Novo Mercado, the highest corporate governance listing segment of Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão (B3). At the time, we raised:

R$3.3 billion from the share offering, with the primary distribution of 57,010,786 shares

In December 2021, Dasa’s fully subscribed and paid-in share capital totaled R$16,359,198,783.91, divided into 560,510,880 registered, book-entry common shares with no par value.

This milestone, together with our record revenue in 2021, progress in acquisitions, and controlled leverage, attests to our solid financial position and serves as the base for our future goals.
Our vision is based on long-term value creation. In the coming years, we will continue to invest in expanding and consolidating our integrated healthcare network, promoting efficiency on our business fronts, strengthening Dasa’s cause and culture, and providing increasingly seamless, predictive, and preventive healthcare.

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Ethics & Compliance

Ethics and compliance are the principles that guide our actions. On this front:

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We issued our Employee Code of Conduct, Contractor Code of Conduct, and Physician Code of Conduct.

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We held Compliance Week, an event with nationwide coverage for all employees, franchisees, and international units, and simultaneous interpretation into Brazilian sign language and Spanish;

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We assessed our operations for corruption-related risks.

Due diligence in acquisitions

Before acquiring any company, we conduct due diligence, including verification steps starting from the identification of a target. We observe aspects related to donation, media evaluation, compliance processes, and operation in the government market, among others, as well as environmental aspects, including licenses, possible liabilities, and fines. When the acquisition is completed, the company joins our onboarding program, which includes training on ESG aspects and policies.

Ethics Hotline

At Dasa, we encourage the reporting of any violation or suspected violation of our policies and the applicable legislation. We have an Ethics Hotline, which ensures absolute confidentiality of the situations reported, and we do not allow retaliation against those who, in good faith, report unethical conduct or situations to the Ethics Hotline.

Risk Management

Under our Strategic Risk Management Policy, approved by the Board of Directors in 2021, our risk management is guided by the model of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of Treadway Commission (COSO-ERM). In 2021, we updated our risk matrix, considering all our verticals and the integration of all businesses.

Intersection between risks and ESG aspects

In 2021, we designed our ESG Risk Matrix, which covers topics such as human rights, labor issues, climate change, management of natural resources, and waste. Based on this, we began incorporating ESG aspects into the corporate risk matrix. The review should be completed and approved by the Board of Directors in 2022.

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Data Protection, Property Security, and Cybersecurity

To guarantee the protection of user information and compliance with the Brazilian General Data Protection Act (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados - LGPD), we have a Privacy and Data Protection Program composed of three pillars: Data Governance, Information Security, and Privacy.

To educate everyone about our guidelines and explain how we manage data, we have our Privacy portal and our Information Security portal.

Business Performance

Gross revenue reached an all-time high of R$11.2 billion in 2021, up 46.6% over 2020. We also completed new acquisitions while maintaining leverage within expected levels.

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In 2021, we remained committed to the consolidation of our integrated healthcare network. In this context, we made important acquisitions to maximize our value creation, especially for users. These companies are called Grupo Leforte, Centro de Tomografia por Computador (Clínica CT), Hospital da Bahia, Hospital São Domingos and Grupo Case.

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